Who Am I?


  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom


  • German (native)
  • English (C1)
  • Vietnamese


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding


  • Prototyping, Wireframing
  • Scenario Inquiry


  • HTML + CSS

05/2019 – 08/2019
Social Media Intern @Campfire
Creating social media content (writing blog posts, taking photos for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and the company’s homepage)

09/2017 – 05/2018
Working Student in Content Team @Aperto
Updating content in the Content Management System (CMS); Preparation and postproduction of images and videos; Creation of accessible PDFs

08/2016 – 07/2016
Graphic design freelancer @Vivental GmbH
Print ad and trade fair poster

07/2016 – 09/2014
Graphic Design Intern @Bayer und Preuss GmbH 
HTML and CSS; Conception and design of web applications and mobile apps; Development of websites; Production of E-learning content; Support of existing websites; Operation of CMS system (Typo3)

08/2014 – 10/2014
Working Student in Content Team @Axel Springer SE
CMS (Content Management System) support

08/2014 – 05/2014
Graphic Design Intern @think:different GmbH | Ethno marketing
Design of flyers, business cards, websites, brochures, CI folders, company presentations; photo editing

Illustrator Internship @Fourman & Co GmbH | Start-up 
Illustrations for the Promobo Design Shop 

03/2014 – 10/2013
Graphic Design Intern @ideenmanufaktur GmbH | Creative agency 
Design and updating of print products, illustration, graphic, diagrams, infographics, 3D visualization; Print data creation; Support of content management system; Image editing; Image search; Confection of VIP Gifts

2018 Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication and Graphic Design (Berlin))
2020 HCI and Social Media (Umeå)
6000 Instagram Follower

What I Do?

Create modern Power Point Presentation

Digital draw your photo in a watercolor style | create colorful digital…

Food Photography

Style, compose, shoot quality food photography

Digital Watercolor Drawing

Digital draw your photo in a watercolor style | create colorful digital…

Instagram Marketing

Create Instagram Feed Posts, Story Posts | Create Giveaway Campaign with coupons

Photo Editing

Edit, retouch, color correction, photoshop your (travel, food) photos


Wordpress Theme Customization

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