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Eierkuchen are flat cakes (German crepes/pancakes) made out of a starch-based batter. Eierkuchen are a staple I feel every country has in some kind of variation. The French have their Crepe, the Americans have their Pancake in Spain they have Tortilla, in Japan Okonomiyaki. It’s truly fascinating how food connects us! Our neighbours Switzerland and Austria call them Plinsen. In northern Germany, we call them Eierkuchen in the southern part they are known as Pfannkuchen. I am from northern Germany Berlin, so Eierkuchen it is!

Eierkuchen German Pancake Crepe

Eierkuchen is one of my childhood staples. We had them in kindergarten on very few occasions. The way I eat them is traditionally with cinnamon and sugar and apple sauce. Nowadays I put fruits or Nutella on it as well and I even made a crepe cake ones.

This is my mother’s recipe she usually has several pans on the stove and makes several at the same time. This is the Eierkuchen I grew up with it and got in my lunchbox occasionally. It brings bake quite a lot of fond memories. My classmates always used to admire me for my lunchboxes and the same goes for the lunchboxes of my little sister. My mom always spends a great deal of time on making healthy and tasty lunchboxes her kids would enjoy. I think her biggest concern until today is that we would be bored because she herself gets bored with the same dish quickly.

German Crepe

So here you go with my childhood recipe: