Sudanese Food at Sahara Imbiss, Berlin

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Falafel plate here I come!

I am back in Berlin, Germany! And the first thing I had to do is gladly accept the invitation by Sahara Imbiss to try their delicious sudanese food! It was the perfect chance to go their because I’ve been eying their store near Hermanplatz for ages now. I have always wanted to try their food since the long lines of people standing in line for the food always spoke for themselves. So I was delighted to get an invitation! As always I’ll give you my honest opinion it’s an unpaid ad (german: unbezahlte Werbung) so here we go:

We went to the location at Herrfurrtstraße and upon arriving the place was already crowded but the we came at the right moment where the wave of people was about to subside. I would still be prepared for some waiting in line though. In total they have 4 stores in Berlin. All rather small but cosy with sitting opportunities if you want to.

Sahara Plate (Falafel, Haloumi, Peanut Sauce) at Sahara Imbiss Berlin
Sahara Plate (Falafel, Haloumi, Peanut Sauce) at Sahara Imbiss Berlin



Sahara Plate at Sahara Imbiss Berlin 

So a few days ago on a perfect sunny day I went here with 3 friends and all of us came out with a happy and filled tummy. The selection is large and perfect for vegetarians and vegan people, as well as people looking for variety. You get falafel, salad, fried veggies,like plantain, squash and eggplant paste wrapped in delicious pita bread or as a platter. 

I had the vegetarian “Sahara plate“ while the others went for the sandwiches. Whenever a dish is named after its store’s name I assume that it has so be special and therefore order that. Is anyone with me?

Our order came fast. With the Sahara plate you pay 5 € for a plate of falafel, halloumi, fried carrots and potatoes on iceberg lettuce. In addition there is a touch of eggplant cream, a lot of peanut sauce and flatbread.

The peanut sauce here is on point, not to blend nor runny. It had the perfect consistency and I liked the grilled potato slices. For a while we were thinking really hard about whether the grilled orange squares were carrots or sweet potato. They ware carrots after all. The falafel were crispy. The only point I could mention,  would be that my falafel was a tad bit too sour for me when eating it on its own. But in combination with the bread, potato and peanut sauce it was balanced out. 

sudanese food: vegan falafel plate
Sahara Plate, Falafel and Haloumi at Sahara Imbiss


This place had some oriental tropical vibes with orange walls, some plastic palm tress and a dimmed light illuminating some paintings of maps from Sudan on the wall. 

calorista eating falafel at sahara imbues berlin


Menu at Sahara Imbiss Berlin
asian girl eating sudanese food

Final Thoughts

Thanks saharaimbiss for the generous invitation it was a wonderful and tasty experience!

For only 5€ definitively recommendable! The food is fresh and the portions filling and its affordable. What else could I wish for? If you like yummy falafel and / or haloumi sandwiches, this is the place.


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