Swedish Taco Fredag (Taco Friday)


seem to be a common weekend meal in Sweden. I just had some this weekend (Saturday) for example. The Swedes even have the well established “Taco Fredag” (taco friday), when Sweden gathers around the dining table to eat a good taco. Also local supermarkets have whole sections and aisles dedicated to mexican food with stacks of wraps, nachos, sauces and spices. And at university they often serve tacos on Wednesday. In conclusion I think we can safely assume that Swedes’ love for Tex-Mex is big . And I can totally relate! I love the  intense ingredients used in Tex-Mex and Mexican food — chiles, cumin, lime, cilantro…

"Taco Fridays is part of Fredagsmys or Cozy Fridays, the Swedish tradition of cozying up with a group of friends on a Friday night. The gathering often includes activities like board games and binging on the best TV shows. One thing is certain: Food is involved."
taco night in umea
taco night

Tacos are the perfect food for bigger gatherings. They are easy to prepare, you have fresh ingredients and mexican spices and you’re done! My family does the same with bigger gatherings when eating Vietnamese summer rolls, only that we use different fillings and rice paper instead of tortilla wraps. And back in Germany I made taco wraps whenever I had leftover minced meat.

The way it is eaten here is more of an American Tex-Mex style rather than a real Taco though. Yesterday we organised the taco dinner together by having everyone bring some ingredients. At the end we had rice, cheese, corn, beans, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, onions and salza sauce. Our Mexican compadre Juan even made some tortilla wraps and spicy salsa sauce for us! 

taco night in umea
easy gluten free version with lettuce wraps
swedish fika pastry sweets
We finished the night with grapes and fika sweets while watching the Netflix series Black Mirror.
taco night in umea
The taco crew

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