In summer @cupcakeladen held a unicorn weekend were they offered unicorn freakshakes (10€) and cupcakes (4€). The experience was rather dissapointing so I’ll start with the positive points: We chose the unicorn freakshake and the unicorn cupcake. Unlike my initial fear the shake was not a sugary calorie bomb full with artificial sweetener but a tasty rather natural shake out of milk and blueberries. The portion was quiete big and you’ll be filled after finishing it. The cupcake was a perfect balance of dark chocolate brownie and sweet frosting. The staff was in a good mood and nice.
unicorn freakshake at cupcakeladen
unicorn freakshake | 10,00 €

Was it magical though?

1. Can you spot what’s missing on the freakshake? The mashmallow ears! This might sound ridiculous but when I pay 10€ for a unicorn shake I expect it to look like the shake the shop promotes. I was promised a unicorn freakshake with proper ears! I might have gotten some had I realised it sooner but I was nearly done and it was simply dissapointing.

2. Guess what else was missing its ears? The 4€ cupcakes 🙁 so we were left with 2 unicorn horns which were only sprayed golden on one side and made it look cheap. The cupcakes looked even weirder without the ears than the shake. Unfortunately the golden horns tasted awfully like chemical plastic so we left them on the plate.

3. I get that the staff decided to use plastic cups since the onrush was not predictable. I still till didn’t like the look. The other regular freakshakes (9,50€) did not only look better in their mason jars, they also offered more ingredients for their money (mini cupcakes..). The addiontal 0,50€ for the unicorn shake wasn’t justified.

All in all this experience and the unicorn items were not worth their prices. Tastewise I don’t have anything to argue about (exceprt for the horns). Both were delicious, the cupcake even more so. It would have been ok for me if I came for the cupcakes but I came for a magical unicorn experience which unfortunately I didn’t get.

unicorn cupcake | 4,00 €


Cupcakeladen reached out to me to apologize :D! They offered me 2 unicorn cupcakes, this time with ears and I gladly accepted! Unfortunately my phone was stolen so I can’t provide you with a picture but let me assure you that the marshmallow definitively made it look like unicorns this time!

unicorn cupcake with ears I got


unicorn, freakshake, milkshake, rainbow, cupcake

Final Thoughts

I would come for the cupcakes. The freakshakes are expensive though and I would go for the other offered freakshakes rather than the unicorn one next time.

Frankenstraße 15, 10781 Berlin, Deutschland

+49 30 91571354

More Info

Tue-Sat 11:00 – 18:00

Sun 13:00 – 18:00

Mo: closed


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unicorn, freakshake, milkshake, rainbow, cupcake

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